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While others try to define perfection, we continue to refine it



Once, in order to protect your business, your family, your home, and your valuables, you’d get a dog, put bars on your doors and windows, or hire a night watchman. Security was for the very rich, or for people who didn’t mind the inconvenience of living in a cage. This was the Stone Age of Security.


Then came the professional security companies that could install the few types of equipment and systems that were then available. While these systems were effective, they were also inflexible and more often than not, the customer’s needs had to conform to the equipment. These were the Dark Ages of Security.


Along came computers and with them, remarkable innovations in the security/monitoring art. But, as with all advances, increased capacity brought increased demand – a demand that could only be met by “overnight” expansion – usually at a cost of quality. Compact hardware and powerful software became virtually worthless in the hands of inexperienced operators and uninformed systems coordinators…and that left home and business owners with security that fell far short of their expectations. The Age of Disillusionment had arrived.


 Custom Security Incorporated (CSI) has been in the security business since the beginning. We have survived the Stone, Dark and Disillusionment ages for one reason. We believe that when you need security you deserved to feel secure. Secure in knowing that experienced technicians and operators are standing behind all the state-of-the-art equipment and computer systems. And that we know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency, and will do it without hesitation.


Our reputation for quality has been around as long as we have (since 1980) and that reputation has grown along with us, making CSI one of the largest and most trusted names in the security business. And we do it all, from installing the latest in security and monitoring systems, to 24 hour central station service featuring the very latest monitoring equipment manned by trained professionals to insure you total security.


We could do less and stay in business – a lot of companies do. But we believe that as long as Security is a part of our name, we’re obligated to live up to that name, making sure not only that your home or business is secure, but that you feel secure.


At Custom Security Incorporated, security is more that a word, it’s a commitment.  


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